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“We Don’t Design Clothes,We Design Dreams Your uniqueness in our hands.”

What if you could not get to choose the topping of your pizza or the sauce of your pasta? That is where the question of taste comes in. Well this does practically work not only in the culinary system, but also on clothing and fashion. Customizing outfits works the same way. Customizing in its definition means to modify, make or build according to an individual’s specifications. Signature stands out in customizing outfits that matches the taste of our customers.

Why customize?

Custom apparel had come a long way rooted from the China in 200AD started with woodblock printing. From the first silkscreen to a modern-day CAD-cut vinyl, custom apparel has come a long way to serve the textile industry. Today custom apparel is making ground breaking changes offering specially crafted clothes that are uniquely designed by the customer’s preferences. You definitely don’t want to see a random person on street wearing the same kurti of yours, do you ? Customizing adds uniqueness and charm to your dressing sensation. That is why Signature invests more on Custom made products. You must be curious to know what we actually do here, don’t you? Let us give you a tour to our customizing wing.

How do we customize?

We customize products for both men and women. Our services in customizing includes

· Stitching

· Handwork

· Dyeing

· Embroidery work

What do we customize :

Wedding Lehengas :Lehengas are part of ethnic Indian tradition. Signature lets you choose everything you want here. You can choose the fabric, the design, the unique works or an inspired embroidery work. We make the designs on your mind into reality.

Wedding Gowns: How do you want to look on your big day as you walk down the aisle? Would you prefer your gown with bead works or some thread work that gives an elegant look.Whatever be your choice it won’t be a problem for us, as we have the best designers with us who would make you look angelic on your special day.

Salwars : We take care of not only brides and grooms but anyone who comes to us. If you want to stand out on your sister’s wedding or even a birthday party, we would design salwars based on your choices.

Wedding Sarees and Designer blouses: Signature sarees are carefully crafted in our own looms located at different parts of India. If you want to make your blouse exquisite, tell us a different embroidery work you have on your mind.

Designer Abaya: We make the perfect Muslim wedding for you with our custom made abayas. We could do simple embroidery work or heavy stone works, whatever that floats your boat.

Signature not only makes custom made products for women, but also men. We have custom made kurthas,Sherwanies and Suits for men to match the occasion.

We do not have tender feet designers and employees in our designing department. All our employees are veterans and had worked with eminent designers from all over India. So next time, when you have a design on your mind or you admire the outfit of an actor in a movie and you are confused about where to get it done, you know where to go!!

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